When Girls are Bullies

Wannabe – Without a Trace series – 2nd season

If you are looking for a good way to start a discussion with your students about  their interpersonal relationships, you may find this interesting…

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Nearly 1,000 schools across the american country have requested copies of the show. The kids who see it think even bullies may change after watching it.

It turns out he’s run away to avoid the brutality and humiliation of being constantly bullied. Instead of retaliating, he eventually attempts suicide.


Nearly by “Wannabe” has got to be the best episode of “Without a Trace” and one of the best episodes to ever be shown on television. It begins with the mysterious disappearance of a school student, Eric (Jake Thomas), from the school bathroom. The team immediately interviews his fellow students and find themselves submerged into a school atmosphere
where there is violent bullying, emotional manipulation and above all the need to lie and the fear of being viewed a tattletale. In the “Without a Trace” style, the story is shown through interviews and flashbacks, which all make for a very entertaining, if eartbreaking, story. The episode is well-written with some nice dialogue and of course there is superb acting. All the regular cast of “Without a Trace” is excellent, in particular Enrique Murciano whose final scene was stunning. The guest stars are mostly young teenagers, always a risk, yet they all manage to give extremely strong performances (save for one weak scene by Alexa Nikolas). In particular Kasha Kropinski and Jake Thomas were excellent. This episode manages to present a thoughtful account of school bullying and through good use of music and cinematography, is extremely powerful and touching. I highly recommend this to all fans of “Without a Trace” and people who have never seen the series before!

Teaser/Music Video

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3 respostas para When Girls are Bullies

  1. This is the first time I came accross such oppinion, funny

  2. I am very interested about it, will you share more detail? Like source of this story?

  3. Wow…Very very cool, Paulo!!!

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